5 Proven Tips for Small Business Success: Older Adults Edition

Little Big Owner Elle Grewar


Starting a business in later life comes with an array of benefits. Life experience, industry knowledge, and a cool, calm demeanor are just a few reasons you’re ahead of the crowd. But there’s something every business owner should know about the nature of business today: it’s changing fast.

5 Proven Tips for Small Business Success Older Adults Edition Little BIG Marketing San Diego

Continue reading for Little BIG Marketing’s five top tips for how to promote your business as a senior entrepreneur.  

1. Extensive Market Research

It’s crucial that you learn your target audience inside out. Business owners are usually experts in their field, and it’s tempting to rely on your strong knowledge, preferences, and tastes to shape marketing campaigns.

However, you must pay more attention to what your target market wants and use your own experience as a mere reference point. Some types of market research to consider include:

  • Data from your website
  • Social media
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Competitive analysis research
  • Pricing research 
  • Brand awareness research 

2. Diverse Branding and Marketing Strategy

A strong brand is essential if you want to stand out and remain in your customers’ memories. A logo and a style guide for consistent imagery, messaging, and brand personality should all be carefully considered. Not only that, but you should review your brand every year or so and make tiny changes to ensure your company remains consistent but fresh.

Marketing might be even more dynamic, with new trends, platforms, and avenues opening up all the time. Google is your best friend. Use it to read about which social media platforms your core demographic is using and which marketing techniques they respond best to. 

3. Keep Your Website Fresh

The importance of a slick website cannot be understated. Think of your business site as your online storefront and invest as much as you possibly can into this precious resource. It’s the first impression many people will have of your company, so make sure the imagery and language reflect your brand and entices potential customers.   

4. Get Qualified 

One of the best ways to ensure you’re up to date with the latest methods for entrepreneurial success is by pursuing an MBA. Your ability to learn never goes, and with the world-changing as quickly as it does, every day should be a school day. With so many distance-learning opportunities, you can get qualified while working and taking care of your family.

5. Streamline Processes

Another method for marketing success is sadly often overlooked. It’s essential that your operation is as streamlined as it can be to give you enough time to strategize and grow your audience. A fantastic tip for saving time is to combine your various documents into a single place in PDF format.

Having your documents combined means you know exactly where they all are and can find them quickly and easily. Once they’re combined, it’s possible to click and drag them into the most practical order.  

Don’t Neglect Classic Marketing Tactics

While the above techniques are vital for success, there’s a lot more. Do a deep dive into digital marketing to learn about PPC ads, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. You should also deploy classic tactics such as networking, partnering with local businesses, using promos and giveaways, and setting up a referral scheme. 

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