6 Ways to Drive Business Growth With Your Website

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When you officially launched your business, you probably created a basic website for little to no upfront investment so that potential customers can easily find you online. But a sparse website can only take your business so far. Today, it’s important to design your company’s website based on principles that will enable your business to grow. And if you want professional guidance throughout the entire process, you can connect with a San Diego SEO specialist through Little BIG Marketing! In the meantime, here are a few strategies you can apply to boost your website’s traffic and generate more revenue.

Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization can seem confusing – but thankfully, Zenbusiness states that the basic principles are quite simple. You want to make sure that the content on your website clearly includes the terms that your audience is likely searching for. This will ensure that your website ranks highly on search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. For instance, you can incorporate your business name and an SEO keyword in your site’s title tags. You should also include these terms in meta descriptions, alt-text with images, subheadings, and, of course, blog posts and evergreen page content.

If you’re not sure which keywords you should focus on, you don’t have to start guessing. Instead, you can use helpful programs like the Google keyword planner tool. This will allow you to identify the keywords that you should incorporate into your website content. And if you’d like to perfect your strategy, you may want to work with a San Diego SEO specialist. A San Diego SEO expert can boost your website’s visibility amongst local audiences.

Integrate CRM and ERP Software

If your company uses customer relationship management software, you already know that this program is essential when it comes to establishing a big-picture view of your sales process and client interactions. With CRM software, you can keep track of your client communications, such as interactions through your website, and your lead generation progress in one place. This is an invaluable tool for your sales and marketing teams, and your customer service representatives can also utilize this data. 

Additionally, you might use an enterprise resource planning system to supervise important processes in your business. You can manage everything from compliance to supply chain operations through an ERP program. Basically, an ERP connects many different departments and functions within your enterprise. 

By integrating your CRM and ERP software, you can easily manage your website and oversee all of your virtual customer interactions. Perle states that linking both systems is especially helpful for analyzing financial data and getting end-to-end visibility for customer data over the entire sales funnel. Overall, connecting your internal tools to your website streamlines your workflow and keeps your team on the same page. You’ll enjoy higher productivity, efficiency, and accuracy!

Apply User-Friendly Design Principles

Can your customers easily find their way to important pages on your website? Or is it difficult to find your contact page, ecommerce shop, or blog? Sit down and click around your own website for a little while to assess whether or not it’s truly user-friendly. You can also ask your employees or close friends to offer their feedback.

What can you do to make your website truly user-friendly? WishDesk recommends installing basic menus with categories that your customers can easily understand, including clickable strings of page names known as “bread crumbs” that illustrate your website’s hierarchy, and updating your search bar so that it gives content suggestions.

It’s also important to make your content easy to skim. Large blocks of texts can be tough for your users to get through. Finally, test your website to check that it is optimized for mobile. If it looks disorganized on a smartphone, work with a web developer to address the issue, or choose a mobile-friendly theme instead.

Improve Your Website’s Performance

What if your website runs slowly? This might cause potential customers to click away, as waiting for pages to load can be frustrating. They could take their business elsewhere, and over time, you won’t gain as many sales. Speeding up your website’s loading time and improving your site’s overall performance can actually boost your sales over time because these initiatives enhance your customers’ overall experience. To boost your loading speed, you’ll need to shrink and optimize the images on your website, use a video hosting provider rather than hosting videos directly on your website, reduce the number of plugins on your site, and even cut down on the number of fonts you use on your site.

Boost Conversions

Ultimately, you want visitors to your website to purchase a product or service during their visit. But how can you convert visitors into customers? You can use a number of techniques, such as providing a live chat function for customer support, coming up with more compelling, eye-catching headlines, including encouraging calls-to-action on several pages, and adding testimonials from happy customers to prove that your company will follow through on promises and overdeliver.

Provide Contact Options

Is your contact information displayed prominently on your website? Or do you have a contact page that is clearly included in your main menu? If your customers can’t contact you with a few clicks, then you might be missing out on business! You should ensure that your company’s email address and phone number are displayed at the bottom or top of each page. Additionally, you should have a dedicated contact page with this information and a contact form that customers can use to send you a direct message. Check the inbox associated with this form each day so that you don’t overlook any messages!

Right now, your business website might just be a virtual space that customers can use to learn a bit more about your offerings and send you a message. But with guidance from a San Diego SEO expert, you can turn it into a robust platform that provides a fantastic user experience. By drawing more people to your website, you’ll be able to increase your sales and improve your digital interactions with your customer base.

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