How to drive traffic via social media

Can Social Media Increase Brand Awareness?

Can Social Media Increase Brand Awareness?

With more than 3 billion people actively using social media one way or another, more than 40% of the world’s population uses at least one platform, a figure that has gone up considerably in 2020. Facebook is the industry leader here with more than 1.6 billion active users, i.e., 16% of the world’s population.

There are several tools offered by social media that you can use to your advantage when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Here, we will discuss those briefly to help you get on top of your brand awareness campaign!

Social Media Marketing in San Diego – Increasing Brand Awareness

Paid Social Media Marketing in San Diego

Here, your social media marketing consultant will recommend the use of paid marketing options provided by social media to your advantage, spreading the word about your business further. This is also known as PPC (pay-per-click) and despite the common misconception, it’s not exclusive to Google.

Some examples of social media marketing include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Promoted image ads, video ads, posts, and more
  • Sponsored stories,
  • Affiliate links, and more

Prospecting: Telling the World About Yourself

This can either be paid or a free form of marketing where you reach out to newer audiences and tell them about your business. These outreach programs aren’t aimed at converting people or asking them to convert but to sign them up to your page. This is you spreading the word about your website.

Not only that, you’re also forming a community and therefore letting people know that you are an authority figure. This in turn leads to more trustworthiness and therefore, conversions.

Retargeting: Know About Your Audience & Use That Information

Next is retargeting; where you market back to people who visited your website or page. If they visited once, they are interested, right? The rest is up to their experience with you. By retargeting, you are basically reminding people about your brand and that you’ve got their back.

With so much content available on the internet right now and an equally large market of sellers of the same product, people are going to forget about you very soon; that much is no secret. So, what do you do? You remarket.

This way, the next time they want to buy a product in your niche, they’ll remember you. They’ll at least give you one chance. And that’s your moment to shine!

With social media so engraved into our roots today, it is only natural to want to shine there too. However, this can take up a lot of time and efforts. If you’re looking for help, our social media management services are at your beck and call to help your business scale to new heights. Just give us a call and let’s discuss prospects!

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