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PPC – Getting Louder With Your Marketing Ventures

SEO and content writing may be the backbone of digital marketing, but without PPC ads, your marketing campaign would be like a turtle without legs – and may even feel futile. Pay-per-click ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, Bing, or other platforms give you a taste of what you can expect after your organic marketing ventures have reached their peak.

PPC seems to be an expensive venture, but it doesn’t have to be so. If done right, you will get much more traffic through your ads than what you were initially seeking. If done right. Fortunately, Little BIG Marketing has an expert PPC management team in San Diego, waiting for your call!

From choosing the right audience to setting the right budget, selecting goals, inputting keywords, checking the platform’s guidelines, using attractive content and images, and many others – we will help you reap the rewards quicker, thanks to our years of experience as one of the leading pay per click advertising agencies in San Diego.

We take the reins off your hand and take your business on a ride of a lifetime! From strategizing your campaigns to managing them, we’ve got you covered, no matter the industry.

Strategies That Generate You More Traffic, More Customers & More Revenue!

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Why Use PPC in San Diego At All?

PPC seems to be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be so. This often makes people think that PPC isn’t for them. The one thing a pay-per-click campaign boasts is speed. You start getting leads very quickly. Even more so with the right AdWords management agency such as us by your side.

Individuals who are just starting out may find that pay per click campaigns can either be expensive and thorough or cheap and useless. That is why you need Little BIG Marketing PPC management experts. However, people may also think that they can go with only organic SEO and that their business can afford the long wait.

Even if you can sustain operations, there is one issue; you need a lot more capital to remain operational until SEO starts giving results. You need a combination of PPC and organic SEO in order to get the ball rolling toward a successful business. As you start getting organic leads, start easing up on PPC.

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Cost-Effective & Goal-Focused

Little BIG Marketing has been helping clients with PPC campaigns for 7 years now, and we can safely say that with us, your budget will be optimized to find a balance between cost-efficiency and getting results. Our aim; helping you generate quality leads without overbudgeting.

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Tangible Results

You know all those confusing metrics you see whenever your open a PPC command center? They help you determine where you’re spending too much, where you aren’t spending enough, and where your campaign is performing well. You will see our results front and center!

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Human-Centric Ads

People in general do not like ads since they can be intrusive or too ‘salesy’. At Little BIG Marketing, we make a point of making sure ads feel as natural as possible and have a CTA that will compel a majority of readers to convert. Every impression counts!

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Works in Favor of SEO

SEO takes a while to start yielding results but PPC starts performing immediately. This buys you time to improve your SEO prowess and work on your digital marketing campaign. Think of it as training wheels on a cycle – which you remove once your SEO starts yielding results.

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Affordability Is Our Motto

Another sentiment our name is proof of is that no matter your budget, we can make it work. Whether you’re a startup (Little) looking to make a mark on the world or a large enterprise (BIG), our services (Marketing) are open to you. As a local company, we are passionate about helping local businesses succeed.

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Prosper During COVID-19

No business has remain untouched by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We take the time to research the current market for your niche, analyze the data and trends and set realistic goals and expectations. Let us help your business stay afloat and even get ahead during this chaotic time. 

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