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Whether you’re simply looking to upgrade your existing logo or planning to get a new one designed from scratch, Little BIG Marketing can help you get that modern logo design you’re looking for.

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A well designed business logo can be an important part of your online presence. Its the image that a customer remembers, and if done properly can intrigue them into wanting to see more.

Your logo can be seen anywhere:- Business cards, Websites, Advertising are some key places a logo can be placed to be seen by potential customers. Once your logo begins to be known, the image carries a certain weight. Customers instinctively choose something they’re familiar with. This is why some of the biggest food chains are so successful.

Getting professionally made logos is just a phone call away now! Not satisfied with what we sent over? We offer unlimited revisions to all our logo design clients!

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Logo Design

Logo Design is primarily for brand identification. It identifies the person, business, product or service its designed for, but also differentiates you from your competitors.

A logo should be simple and easy to read. Shapes and pictures are easier to remember than words. A well-designed logo conveys to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.

Customers can drive past and instantly know what they’re going to get. Whether the service or product is better than the shop next door is irrelevant. The logo alone acts like a funnel filling them with confidence in what you are offering.

You Envision it, We Design It

Logo Design in San Diego

We Keep Working Hard Until You’re Satisfied

A logo should be able to tell your audience what your business is all about with just one glance. Since there is no cookie-cutter policy for logo development, we offer unlimited revisions to all. This gives you the freedom of choice and a chance to reflect what’s in your heart in that logo.


Define your business’s personality with modern logo designs; one that speaks to old and newer generations alike. You get to customize your logo in any way, shape or form. From the color used all the way to the base of your logo; customize it until you’ve got it just right.

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EPS Files; The Ultimate Logo Format

Our logo development process is straightforward and transparent. We give you EPS files to make sure you get the logo in the highest quality possible, thus making printing much easier. Big or small, the EPS file is scalable so that you don’t have to experience any pixilation or discoloration.

Different Sizes, Different Applications

Little BIG Marketing logo developers understand that you will have to use your logo across a variety of platforms. We give you 21 different-sized versions of your logo, making reuse much more convenient. Branding just became a breeze with our logo design service in San Diego!

A Wide Range of Options & Logo Designers

Little BIG Studio works with a number of logo designers in San Diego, ensuring that you have access to a large library of creative ideas. We don’t just create logos, we bring them to life. This gives you the opportunity to truly spread your wings and explore options.

Finding the Best Logo Development Team in San Diego

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