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Not too long ago, Google mentioned in its update that a website’s design would also play a role in improving its SERP ranking. This was prompted by more and more traffic on the search engine coming from mobile users. This was supported by the 2020 Google Algorithm updates.

The graph below shows that from the time this update rolled out, mobile traffic only grew in size. 49.41% of all web traffic in the US in 2019, in fact. This isn’t just because of how convenient mobile devices are but also because of how well responsive UIs have been adopted by developers globally.

Mobile use statistics on website use

But being responsive is not all that’s important. Website builders in San Diego need to keep several other benefits in mind as well. Here, we shall discuss these benefits to help explain its importance.

Responsive UI – Meeting Visitors on Their Terms

Website developers, when developing a modern website, need to make it responsive. This is when the website’s content, images, and features scale up and down based on the screen size on which users are viewing it. The idea is to minimize the inconvenience for your visitors, having to zoom in, out, or scroll sideways to read your content.

This effectively improves customer experience, hence giving you more chances of converting a prospect.

Keep in mind, though, that a responsive site isn’t the same as a mobile and desktop version of the same website. When you build a responsive website, you simply give your existing website the ability to resize elements based on the screen size.

Website Design Marks the First Impressions & Increases Chances of Conversion

There are a plethora of websites selling the same item over the internet. It’s only the website design that sets them apart. The visual appeal of your website is what marks the difference between a website people will remember and one they’ll “bounce” off of and never visit again.

Website builders in San Diego need to take every step they can to ensure building a website that leaves a good impression; one that customers will be glad to be associated with. This first impression marks the start of their customer journey and therefore has a strong bearing on conversion!

Makes Your Website Feel More “Up With the Times”

Not only does your website feel fresh, web development in San Diego today means that your website won’t be getting out of date any time soon. Not only that, with a clean code behind the design, you will be able to add more functionalities easily as and when the need arises!

Helps Establish a Brand Identity

With a compelling website design, website developers help you build an identity for your website. It’s not just the logo that establishes consistency in terms of brand identity, but your website does that as well. This in turn helps you build business credibility and trustworthiness, therefore inviting more conversions.

If you’d like us to help you make a website that helps you not just attract customers but also convert them, get in touch with Little BIG Marketing by calling or writing to us any time. Our website builders in San Diego are always at the ready to help you out!

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